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People contemplating divorce

We often work with clients during the most emotionally difficult times of their lives, when they’re upset and/or dealing with shock and a feeling of betrayal. They’re asking themselves questions like, “Whoever thought my marriage would end like this?” Often, shocked and betrayed spouses also wonder what else their spouses have been hiding from them.

People contemplating divorce

Case study: Husband hiding money

husband hidding moneyHere’s an example of one of our cases: A couple was in the process of getting a divorce, and the wife suspected that her husband, who owned a restaurant business, was hiding a great deal of money. The comptroller of the company had promised the wife—with whom he may have had a personal relationship--that he would help her uncover hidden assets. However (and seemingly right out of a TV crime show!), the comptroller was murdered before he could produce evidence. The wife then hired us.

When we went into the comptroller’s office, we accidentally found three months worth of what was clearly a second set of books. The rest had been destroyed. Based on what we found--cash not deposited, vendors and employees paid off the books--we were able to reconstruct “real’ business finances. The attorneys quickly settled.

Protect yourself

Anyone—no matter how smart or accomplished—can be blindsided by divorce. Prenuptial agreements can be helpful in cases where one or both spouses have enormous wealth. Often, however, we hear about the woman in her 40s or 50s who suddenly learns that her husband is leaving her for another woman. The financial security she had enjoyed and the lifestyle she had expected to be living for the rest of her life are suddenly about to disappear.

Even if you earn a high income or have sizable assets of your own, you still want to know that you and your kids will be protected in the event of divorce. We can ensure that you get the benefits, share of assets, and financial support to which you and your children are entitled.

Here’s a hypothetical example: You're fairly sure that your husband is cheating--again. You feel insecure, since he has always taken care of the banking, finances, and investments. Call us before you hire an attorney— Doing so may prevent your spouse from beginning to hide assets he didn’t yet know were going to be at risk.