About Us

For us, forensic accounting is not an afterthought

You recently may have read that in an effort to better compete with each other, many Long Island accounting firms are beginning to advertise that they offer “forensic accounting” services. It's likely that they don't actually have credentialed forensic accountants in-house. Rather, they're racing to seek training for their accountants, so that in the future, they can justifiably make that claim.

We already have the credentials that validate our skills, expertise, and experience. We’ve had those credentials for many years.

Forensic accounting isn’t new for us. It’s what we’ve done for decades.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients with embezzlement, divorce, and business valuation cases. And we’ve taught a variety of forensic accounting courses to attorneys--as well as to other accountants.

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Top professional and people skills

We have the credentials and experience you’d expect of anyone you’d trust to investigate complex financial records. Other reasons to call us:

We have access to top talent—Three extraordinarily talented CPAs work with us continuously. The challenges of our work are so diverse that we need to be able to turn to a variety of experts who can help us find the most appropriate solutions for clients.

We find what we’re looking for–With more than 30 years of experience, we know what to look for and how to find it.

Tax experience—We have a 100% track record with the IRS.

Credibility—We maintain credibility at all times: Our communications focus on fostering understanding between us and among all interested parties.

Our reports are valuable to clients, their representatives, and to judges. --All information is sourced, and all terms are clearly explained.

We work hard to keep everything friendly.--Our main concern is to discover and report on the truth. However, we care about maintaining professional relationships with colleagues and clients.

If you call me directly, you’ll find that I make it my business to:

Return phone calls personally, and within 24 hours.

Listen actively – All of us listen more than we speak.

Get along with almost everyone.-- We also get information in a non-confrontational way. And we make it a point to give credit where it’s due—and otherwise support the professionals with whom we work.

Propose win-win-solutions whenever possible.