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Divorce litigators

Divorce litigators

Couples fighting over money

Most divorce attorneys know the intricacies of family law. But many are not familiar with how to value businesses owned by one or both spouses. Nor are many knowledgeable about the nuances of finance, or how to tell if a seemingly honest man or woman has actually managed to squirrel away millions of dollars in hidden assets.

So far, we’ve participated in about 400 divorce litigations. For example, I’ve been called on to help attorneys navigate through the data to segregate marital assets from separate property.

Factoring in taxes: We’ve also advised lawyers on the tax implications of assets, which can greatly affect the actual value of property when allocated to each spouse.

Locating hidden assets: One particularly helpful service we offer divorce attorneys is to not assume that both spoMOney hidden in a bookuses are being honest—particularly the adversarial spouse. There are many ways to hide assets—e.g., with relatives and friends, with professional advisors, in the form of jewelry, cars, or real estate, and sometimes out of the country.

If one of the spouses has hidden assets, it is highly likely that we will be able to locate, identify, and quantify them.